Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why I'm a Microsoft man

Alright, so I've heard all the Microsoft bashing, and I agree with some of it. They may focus on making the OS look cool instead of actual stability (Vista), they may make lots of money. Let me tell you why I am a Microsoft fan even though I would love to be a Linux geek. Ease of use, plain and simple. Linux is trying to become more user friendly (Ubuntu for example) and I applaud them for that. If they ever want to put a dent in Microsoft's desktop OS market, that's what they need to do. Now let me get to the real motivation behind this post. I love the .net framework and Visual Studio. The object oriented programming class I am taking right now requires that we create a simple web application to reserve concert tickets. Perhaps I'm just not as familiar with JSP as I am with ASP.Net, but I would have been done with this assignment long ago if it was in ASP.Net. Create a dataset, drag a few gridview controls on some pages and viola! I'd be done. Instead I'm pulling my hair out trying to transfer the ResultSets from a servlet to the JSP page and then looping through the resultset to create the page. What a mess. I know there will be those out there that will say that JSP allows a finer degree of control, is more powerful, or is more efficient (or insert argument here). Quite frankly, I don't care about that. To me the .net framework is living up to exactly what Microsoft created it for; to reduce development time. They provide the common functions that you need (gridview), still allow you to customize it, and great tools to work with the code (Visual Studio). That's why I'm a Microsoft man.